• You learn manual and machine techniques for interior joinery & furniture making 
  • In the workshop, you learn basic manual techniques: sawing, planing, filing, rasping, woodworking, sanding, varnishing, measuring, drawing
  • You will also learn how to work with manual machines as well as panel saws, topiary milling machines, thickness saws, etc.
  • You learn how to work on the move
  • You learn what a good work attitude is: punctuality, working in team, productivity, self-confidence

How do you do it?
  • You follow the training on the shop floor
  • You learn the trade while working for a client
  • You make the furniture that the customer orders
  • On site, you will learn how to place the customer's order

  • You come for an interview and do a test
  • If you are selected, you can start with us at any time during the year
  • The training takes about 8 months, 4 days a week from 8 am to 4.30 pm (friday untill 3 pm). 
  • You get the opportunity to improve your general knowledge: lessons in Dutch, maths, company visits, etc.
  • You learn Dutch on the shop floor

  • Your instructor and course counsellor will meet with you regularly to discuss your progress at work and any problems you may have
  • At the end of the course, we will help you look for work: CV and cover letter, preparing for a job interview, looking for vacancies, etc.
  • The training is completely free of charge. Your expenses will be reimbursed at 1€/hour. You can eat in our restaurant at a social rate
  • We help you to register for Dutch lessons at our expense

Who is it for?
  • You are looking for work and motivated to work in the sector
  • You already have some experience or technical baggage
  • You have a basic knowledge of reading, writing and arithmetic
  • You are in good health and condition
  • You have a basic knowledge of French or Dutch and are willing to take Dutch classes.