We offer training/work experience in the Horeca or carpentry industry.

We offer adapted work in the vegetable garden, the tea room, the creative workshop, or the bakery

What do we do for you?
  • You come to us for a first interview
  • Together with the course assistants, you look at your expectations
  • We also want to know what training you have already received and what jobs you have already held
  • We analyse your possible work problems
  • After this interview and possibly a test, we will refer you to a training course or a job.

How do we do this?
  • Training/work experience in the Horeca or carpentry industry: 
  • The job coaches actively participate in the search for job offers
  • They help you to write your CV
  • You learn how to apply for a job
  • You will learn about your rights and obligations as an employee
  • You are intensively guided towards a job during the last months of the journey
  • Once you have found a job, you will be followed up on the job for a few months, so that everything continues to go well

Adapted work as a volunteer:
  • In the tea room
  • In the bakery
  • In the vegetable garden
  • In the creative workshop.
  • We adapt the activity to your limits, abilities and stress resistance
  • We focus on your personal development
  • The objective is to acquire a personal structure, a healthy lifestyle
  • You increase your self-confidence
  • You become part of a team of colleagues
  • You will receive personal coaching throughout the course
  • We examine your possibilities for socio-professional integration

If you are a PCSW, please inform them that we also accept Article 60 contracts, social economy.
Even if you do not want to follow a training course or work as a volunteer, we can help you in your pathway and your job search as an external consultant.

Interested? Then send us your details below!

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