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Kathy is 57 years old and works as a maintenance technician at Groot Eiland. She was born in Brussels and lives in Denderleeuw. In her free time she looks after her animals and family. What makes her happy is to see her family and her animals in good health. She likes to work at Groot Eiland, she likes the atmosphere and the colleges. Groot Eiland is like a second home for Kathy.

Sea or mountains? The sea, because you can swim there. Mountains are nice, but I don't like skiing.
Your favourite series or film? I wouldn't be able to choose. I like so many kinds of films and series. I like thrillers, action movies/series and comedies. The only genre I don't like is horror movies/series.
Your favourite food? Mussels and chips.
What would you definitely take with you to a desert island? I would take my daughter, my mother, my cats, my dogs and my best friend.
What is the best music? I like all pop and disco music. My favourite band is Tokio Hotel. I've been to almost all their concerts.
Who would you like to go on a date with? Bill from Tokio Hotel, Jason Statham and Roch Voisine
What are you proud of? My daughter
Who do you admire? My mum
What is your favourite season? Summer
To act or to think? Before acting, you have to think. Don't rush in headlong, it's no use.
About job coaching

Are you looking for a meaningful job? Groot Eiland offers various opportunities, depending on your interests and your personal situation. You can follow a training course with us and gain work experience in the catering industry or the carpentry workshop. As a volunteer, you can find a meaningful activity with us: the vegetable garden, the tearoom, the creative workshop or the pastry kitchen are all places where you can develop your talents and interests